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Storm Mobile Disinfection System

The Storm Mobile Disinfection System is a fully mobile backpack and wand unit for use on community equipment, storerooms, vans, and common touch points such as door handles. When paired with Adantium Plus disinfectant it is effective against a broad range of bacteria, spores and viruses, including coronavirus.

The affordable, easy to use device is comprised of a battery backpack system and a wand which sprays a targeted mist on demand. Disinfectant can be sprayed evenly to give a full coverage across the areas which require disinfection.

Easy to use and transport, plus a quick contact time with Adantium Plus disinfectant makes the Storm system a practical choice for quick and effective infection prevention.


Kills coronavirus*: Quick and easy disinfection effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses..

Avoids Cross-Contamination: Eliminates the transfer of microbes associated with wiping by hand.

Fully Mobile: Move from room to room with lightweight backpack unit and wand, and can be hung neatly on the wall for quick “grab and go” when needed.

Affordable effective disinfection: For all of its high-tech offerings and excellent disinfection capabilities, the Storm system is surprisingly affordable.


*Adantium disinfectant used in the Storm system hasn’t been specifically tested on the SARS-CoV-2 strain of the virus.

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Storm Mobile Disinfection System

Hey Presto! Go Ballistic!

The Storm wand is lightweight (only 0.3kg) to enable hours of fatigue-free use. The ballistic, high speed, swirl nozzle produces an average of 68 micron at 30cm spray distance. The nozzle gives you a controlled, targeted liquid layer application.

Storm Mobile Disinfection System

Proactive Infection Prevention

Adantium Plus, the disinfectant used in the Storm system has been proven to be effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, and spores. Adantium kills bugs within the first 10 minutes of application.

Storm Mobile Disinfection System

Fully Mobile Backpack System

The Storm lightweight battery-powered backpack system means no trailing cable. 1hr 50 mins continuous runtime and quick change battery if longer runtime required. 1 litre quick reload – bottle change is conveniently on your belt.

Storm Mobile Disinfection System in Action

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