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VacioPak is a vacuum storage and transport system that helps protect the integrity of your sterile barrier, thereby helping your instruments stay sterile.

VacioPak from Enthral Medical is proven to save money for CSSDs around the world, by avoiding cancelled operations, re-reprocessing of sterile sets, and damaged instruments. 

Say “no” to:

  • Unexpected non-sterile sets before surgery
  • Resultant delays in theatre
  • Unnecessary reprocessing costs
  • Time wasted on packing and unpacking

Say “yes” to:

  • Safe and secure storage and transport of wrapped sterile instruments
  • Longer shelf life of sterile sets
  • Clear advance indication of damaged packaging
  • Reliability and cost savings

In comparison with using containers, VacioPak is a cost effective method, and is a  safe and secure solution for storage and transportation of wrapped sterile instruments.

With VacioPak vacuum storage and transport of sterile instruments has never been better. 


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Know when the sterile barrier has been compromised

By placing a vaccum indicator in each set it is immediately obvious to the user that the sterile barrier might have been compromised, and allows early action to be taken to prevent problems in the operating theatres. 

Extra protection for sets

The VacioPak Bags offer a much more rugged outer packaging for instrument sets. This means the likelihood of punctures and tears during handling and transport is greatly reduced.

Increase shelf life of sterile instruments

Vacuum holds for a year which increases the shelf life of sterile sets stored in it. This makes it ideal for those instrument sets that are used less often.

VacioPak by Entrhal

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