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We all know the benefits of using an electronic tooth brush - you get alot more brushing for alot less effort.

This is what MULTICLEAN does for the manual cleaning of surgical instruments. Indeed the MULTICLEAN brushes look like electonic tooth pruches for elephants.

On a more serious note, the manual cleaning of surgical instruments can be inconsitance, time consuming, and hard work. Our MULTICLEAN brushes takes over the mechanical brushing action for the user making their cleaning more consistent and much easier.

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Less Physical Work

The moving head of the brush does the mechincal work so the user just has to direct the brush as required.

More Consistent Cleaning

Relying on individuals' brushing technique to clean instruments can lead to inconsistencies in cleaning. Making the mechical action of the brush electronic make the cleanign action the same every time.

Quicker Cleaning

With the brush able to provide a lot more brushing action in the same given time, MULTICLEAN can drasically reduce your manual cleaning time.

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