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Diateg - Diathermy Insulation Tester

All over the world, faulty insulation on electrosurgical instruments regularly causes accidents which can lead to tissue damage and which can cause temporary or permanent injury to the patient. In the worst case scenario, fatalities may occur.
Studies in hospitals have shown that 18% of the endoscopic instruments used in the hospitals which participated in the trial had damaged insulation.

DIATEG detects damage, porosity, hairline cracks, pinholes and gas pockets, which all affect the efficacy of the insulation.

The user can adjust the test settings to suit the instrument being tested, making the testing more accurate.

Testing should be performed at least twice between patients: once after washing beforeing being packed, and then just before use

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Stop unsafe instruments being used

Testing electrosurgical instruments at the right time in the right manner will stop damaged instruments from being used and potentially causing harm.

Prevent further damage

Catching a damaged instrument before it goes through the sterilisation process will stop it being damaged even further in this harsh process.

Use appropriate test setting for different instruments

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to testing electrosurgical instruments. With DIATEG you can use different setting for different instruments as appropriate.

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