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AUTOCLEAN cleaning systems are designed to make it easy to perform manual pre-cleaning of surgical instruments.

AUTOCLEAN utilises two counter rotating brushes running in a bath of water and detergent to clean instruments.

AUTOCLEAN is fantastic for cleaning box joints and other intricate areas on instruments.

It is very easy for the user as they just have to pass the instrument back and forth as few times as opposed to the intense rubbing they would be required to do with a manual brush.

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The system’s protective window and optimised brush speed provide special protection from spraying. An automatic safety stop prevents brushes from continuing to turn if they are accidentally blocked.

Low consumable cost

The cleaning brushes can be removed and put through the CSSD's cleaning and sterilisation process upto 50 times.

Use the chemical you want

You are not tied to a specific chemical with AUTOCLEAN. You can use the cleaning fluid you normally use in your regular wash, whether its alkaline or enzymatic based.

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