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BES Rehab's AquaPhase has been established for over 15 years in the community for sanitising community equipment.

AquaPhase machines can help Community Equipment Loan Stores and Wheelchair Services wash beds, rails, commodes, wheelchairs, etc.

Since 2010, more cases of MRSA, C. difficile, and E.coli are being reported outside of acute settings. Contaminated equipment can lead to cross-contamination of patients.

Pressure hosing, which is a very common method of cleaning, creates aerosols which is a major health & safety concern for staff when cleaning equipment.

Peace of Mind: The AquaPhase machine ensures that equipment is cleaned thoroughly with added disinfection properties.

Cost Savings: The AquaPhase machine saves costs in relation to time spent, use of energy, staffing, and equipment replacement.

Excellent Chemicals: The combination of chemicals used in the machine is effective against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms including MRSA and C. difficile.

Complete Support: BES offers a complete service from consultation, site survey, installation, training, maintenance, engineering, and phone support.

If you would like to purchase an AquaPhase, receive a site survey, or find out more about how BES can help you, contact us on or call 01179 666 761




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