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Transportation and Storage Solutions

For any hospital the safe and efficient transportation and storage of decontaminated equipment and instruments is paramount. Fairly trivial issues in this area can lead to large cumulative costs.

For instance a tiny pin hole in a sterile wrap that is only discovered in theatre can lead to an operation having to be cancelled.

BES Decon offers a range of solutions to different transportation challenges, including those that maintain the integrity of the sterile barrier. Having effectively prepared, cleaned, packaged, and sterilised a surgical set, it is the sterile barrier that ensures that the set stays sterile until the point of use.

The integrity of the sterile barrier depends on many factors such as the packing material, storage conditions, packing method, transport and handling, and seal of the barrier. BES Decon has solutions to ensure quality seals of pouches and safe transport, storage, and handling of wrapped sets.

Transportation & Storage

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