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Decontamination Solutions

From manual washing to transportation and storage, BES understand the importance of reprocessing medical equipment within a hospital. This is why BES offers state-of-the-art solutions to assist your department through the major phases of the decontamination cycle.



Washing is arguably the most important stage of the decontamination process. Washing the greatest reduction in contamination and bioburden, and the result of the cleaning, impacts the processes that follow it.

BES Decon offers some very neat tools to aid pre-cleaning through part of its Entrhal range. Through our ranges we have washers for everything from the smallest eye surgery instruments through to full sizes bariatric beds.



Sterilisation is a critical stage in the decontamination process and sterility can be affected by many factors. BES Decon offers solutions in all of these areas to ensure affective sterilisation and that your sterile goods stay sterile up to the point of use. 

Generally speaking, sterilisation processes can be divided into two distinct groups: High Temperature and Low Temperature. BES Decon offers high performance sterilisers in both of these groups.


Endoscope Reprocessing

It goes without saying that the effective and safe reprocessing of endoscopes between procedures is of utmost importance. Due to the complexity of modern endoscopes, the value of the scopes themselves, and the increasing number of procedures being carried out, the focus on this area has become greater and greater.


BES also offers the AT-OS ENDO3 - an endoscope drying and storage unit that complies with EN 16442: 2015 and holds up to 12 endoscopes - more than the average unit.



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