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Cowlairs, Glasgow

"It's a no-brainer" - Vacuum packing system eliminates damaged tray wrap at Europe’s ‘largest’ decontamination unit.

VacioPak Inside Hospitals Glasgow (1)

Cowlairs, in Glasgow, possibly Europe’s largest decontamination unit, has cut damaged tray wrap to zero by using BES Decon’s vacuum packing system, VacioPak, manufactured by Entrhal Medical of Germany, and is enjoying the huge benefits this has delivered. 

“With the average cost to reprocess a tray standing at £41, on those previous 844 instances we’ve already saved £34,604. Each cancelled operation costs on average £13,000, and there were three due to damaged tray wrap during the similar period, so that’s a further £39,000 saving. So the total saving in less than a year is already £67,604", says Ian Finlayson.

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Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Jan ClaphamProven Results – Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

There have been no more cancelled operations due to torn or damaged sterilization wrap since Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust installed the VacioPak vacuum packing system supplied by BES Decon.

“When you consider the cost of a cancelled operation and the time in reprocessing sets, VacioPak quickly pays for itself”

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Withybush Hospital and Prince Philip Hospital

ERS ImageReduced Costs and Staffing Levels at Withybush Hopsital and Prince Philip Hospital

Cassette-based endoscope decontamination system helps reduce costs and staffing levels, while achieving full compliance and increasing patient safety.

Here’s good news in these times of financial austerity for healthcare. Both Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest, and Prince Philip Hospital, Llanelli, say they have made considerable savings by installing the CISA endoscope decontamination system, in entirely different applications, while improving patient care and safety. 

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Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Gas Plasma ImageGas Plasma impresses at Brighton

Success for low temperature sterilization in clinical trials.

Describing how Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is working closely with industry, Bob Jobbins, the trust’s AE(D), told Inside Hospitals: “When someone has a new machine or new concept we will test and trial it in a clinical setting. As part of this arrangement we’re working closely with 20/30 Labs. “One technology we’re looking at is the new gas plasma system from CISA - available in the UK through BES Decon."

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