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MLine Modular System fits Lord Carter’s Vision for a More Efficient, Cost Effective NHS

In February 2016, Lord Carter published his review of efficiency in hospitals titled, ‘Operational Productivity and Performance in English NHS Acute Hospitals: Unwarranted Variations’.

 In his review, Lord Carter shows how large savings can be made by the NHS.

To quote Lord Carter:

“Firstly, my experience of the best of the NHS and other health care systems internationally shows that the provision of high quality clinical care and good resource management go hand-in-hand.”

“Secondly, a single reporting framework should be adopted across all trusts, which pulls together clinical quality and resource performance data and compares it to the ‘best in class’.”

 “Such a framework also requires hospitals to improve their use of modern digital technology. The best performing hospital systems around the world have real-time monitoring and reporting at their fingertips enabling them to make decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to improve quality and efficiency performance.”

 MLine from Aexis Medical is the solution that best meets Carter’s vision. This software has been proven to work in 85% of hospitals in Belgium. It is a modular system that enables full asset management, track and trace and match, planning, and process management.

 Reporting functions give management real time, and paper-free, records of what each operation or process costs, asset (including theatre) utilisation, etc. In addition there are major patient-related benefits, such as just-in-time arrival at theatre; web view for wards, GPs, etc, to have visibility of where the patient is in the process; means to provide pre- and post-op information to patients, doctors, and carers.

 The modules link in with the hospital information system, patient records, and pharmacy ERP packages, and can be used to share data between departments, sites and hospitals.

 Each module is available individually or linked together covering theatres, endoscopy, cathlabs, SSDs, logistics, and A&E.

 BES Decon is hosting a two-day seminar for Theatres and Sterile Services, on 17th and 18th October 2017, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, NEC, Birmingham. This event will include a discussion about how MLine can assist and improve patient experience, while saving costs.

Have your input by attending the event. Click here to book now.

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MLine Modular System fits Lord Carter’s Vision for a More Efficient,  Cost Effective NHS

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