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Hygienio Disinfection System is effective against Human Coronavirus

Hygienio disinfection system has been tested to be effective against human coronavirus.*

The Hygienio Disinfection System is designed to disinfect equipment and furniture of any shape and material, as well as rooms, ceilings, and vehicle interiors, without causing damage. Italy have recently been using the Hygienio to fight the spread of the infection.

The Hygienio System sprays a mix of disinfectant and pressurised steam as a light mist which reaches difficult to reach areas, on rough or intricate surfaces, and on fabrics.

  • Long-lasting effective disinfection against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms, including the human coronavirus.
  • Disinfection without causing damage or bleaching to all types of equipment including soft furnishings, Phones, desks etc
  • Avoids cross-contamination, eliminating the transfer of microbes associated with wiping by hand.
  • Simple to use and easily portable, the Hygienio system is great for offices with limited space, and for the disinfection of vans and storage areas.
*Adantium disinfectant used in the Hygienio system hasn’t been specifically tested on the SARS-CoV-2 strain of the virus.

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Hygienio Effective Against Human Coronavirus

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