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SPS - Low Temperature Steriliser

The SPS Low Temperature Steriliser reaches where other sterilisers do not reach! 

The SPS Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Steriliser uses vaporised hydrogen H2O2 technology for optimum low temperature sterilisation of a large range of medical devices.

The SPS Low Temperature Steriliser reaches where other sterilisers do not:

-          Proven penetration into long lumens

-          Low operating costs

-          High volume load and sterilisation capacity

-          Energy saving without affecting performance

Sterilisation at low temperatures (40-55°C) with vaporised H2O2 produces results that show marked improvements when compared with other currently available low temperature sterilisation techniques. For those in a surgical environment it is crucial that reusable equipment goes through an effective decontamination and sterilisation process to avoid cross infection of patients.

Steam sterilisation has been accepted as effective, but there are many items that contain heat labile materials, and therefore require lower temperature sterilisation. The H2O2 sterilisation process protects complex heat and moisture sensitive devices (such as endoscopes and ophthalmic instruments) from damage caused by the higher temperatures of steam sterilisation.

The SPS H2O2 Steriliser is available in two models – the higher capacity SPS 6464, and the smaller SPS 4270, depending on your needs. Both models are available in either a single-door option or a two-door pass-through option.

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The SPS Steriliser reaches where other sterilisers do not

Reprocesses long lumens

Other low temperature sterilisers restrict the reprocessable scopes to a maximum of 500mm. The SPS H2O2 Steriliser can reprocess up to 16 scopes at a time with multiple open-ended lumens up to and over 1,500mm long.

Low operating costs

The SPS H2O2 Steriliser has been designed to guarantee long-term reliability. State of the art components have been selected and these, combined with innovative engineering principles, result in lower maintenance costs.


The use of two vacuum pumps, one with a liquid ring for initial extraction, the other a dry pump for deep vacuum extraction, extends the lives of the pumps, and reduces maintenance needs considerably.


The more you process at a time, the less resources you use, and the less cost per item reprocessed. When used at full capacity, the cost of sterilant per item is far less than for other low temperature sterilisers.

High volume load and sterilisation capacity

The SPS 6464 model can sterilise mixed loads of 50kg, and possesses a chamber volume of 314 litres – double the size of other low temperature sterilisers, making it one of the larger capacity low temperature sterilisers available.

Proven high penetration and sterilisation efficiency

Independent microbiological testing carried out by 20/30 Labs, a UKAS accredited laboratory, has shown that the SPS 6464 model provided a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6 (6-log reduction).


Tested surrogates contaminated with G. stearothermophilus, B. pumilus, and E. faecium showed complete kill.

Eliminates risk, improves safety

The only byproducts of the H2O2 sterilisation process are water and oxygen, meaning there is no risk of hazardous residues remaining on the sterilised devices or getting into the air. This helps enhance safety for both staff and patients, and makes the steriliser environmentally friendly.

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