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The ERS - Endoscope Reprocessing System

The ERS (Endoscope Reprocessing System) by BES Decon is the only system on the market that can help eliminate cross-contamination, by ensuring your scopes are not exposed to open air. Through its unique cassette based system, endoscopes stay hermetically sealed throughout reprocessing, drying, storage, and transference processes, in a sterile environment, until the endoscope is needed in surgery. 

With the ERS System you can keep costs at bay. You do not need to spend on extra building costs for clean and dirty areas. With the ERS the outside of the cassette is the dirty area, and the inside the clean room. The difference is that you can carry the clean room to where it is needed. 

You can also cut on other costs such as maintenance, supply chain, staff, safety related, endoscope damange, process, capital, and transportation. 

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Closed pathway to contamination

Once the endoscope is sealed into the cassette prior to washing, it doesn't leave the cassette again until it gets to the point of use. This completely prevents any contamination that one would normally associate with more traditional endoscope reprocessing systems. 

Reduced repair costs

The cassette protects the fragile endoscope from the kind of damage that happens with the extensive handling one associates with more traditional systems.

No need for pass through

With the ERS there is no need for expensive building costs to install pass through systems. The Cassette isolates the endoscope removing the need for strict dirty and clean segrigation. 

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