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Aexis Medical MLine Software

The Aexis Medical MLine is an integrated modular software that enables departments within hospitals to communicate effectively, improve patient flow, and reduce costs.   

The Aexis MLine modules can be applied to Operating TheatresSterile ServicesEndoscopy, and A&E.  

With the Aexis Medical MLine software, hospitals will be able to:

  • Reduce the number of cancelled operations
  • Efficiently manage hospital resources 
  • Improve patient safety with Track, Trace and Match
  • Make informed decisions through accurate reporting 
  • Optimise efficiencies within departments (such as SSDs, Theatres, and Endoscopy)
  • Enable stress-free integration of hospital departments. 

For more information about how Aexis Medical MLine software can help your NHS Trust, please to contact our Aexis Product Manager Diane Hargrove on or call +44 (0) 7795 075670

Benefits of Aexis Medical MLine Software

Aexis Medical MLine Software

Manage Hospital Resources Efficiently

The Aexis Medical MLine software offers streamlined logistic planning of instruments, sets, and loan equipment ensuring items are ordered and are available in a timely fashion.

Aexis Medical MLine Software

Decision-making through Accurate Reports

Dozens of pre-set and customisable reports are available to help monitor and improve cost management, department processes, patient safety, and much more. 

Aexis Medical MLine Software

Stress-free Integration of Hospital Departments

When integrated into multiple departments, such as Theatres, SSDs, Endoscopy etc., Aexis allows for full visibility of resources and processes at every stage. This in turn helps to save costs across the whole hospital.

Aexis MLine Modules

Operating Theatre - ORLine


The ORLine module is specifically designed for Operating Theatres to enable the efficient flow of surgical procedures while minimising patient safety incidents. 

The ORLine consists of three modules: ORLine Workflow, which provides the ability to keep track    of all relevant data for full costing analysis.

ORLine Logistics, which maintains an appropriate level of inventory and its availability for when it's needed to reduce delays and cancellations. 

ORLine Planning, which enables full transparency  of materials,  theatre capacity and medical staff. Additionally, it allows full flexibility for individual surgeons to plan any interventions.

Sterile Services - SteriLine


The SteriLine module supports the workflow in the Sterile Services Department (SSD) by offering clear and repeatable procedures. The module enables the SSD to view the transaction history, keep track of all movements, enable better forecasting and reduce wastage. 

In addition, this module includes a package of pre-defined reports, allowing the SSD-head of department to monitor and manage the performance of the service. This helps Sterile Services manage their time and resources to meet the needs of Operating Theatres, allowing for efficient hospital flow.

Endoscopy - EndoLine

Aexisendoline (1)

The EndoLine module considers all factors related to endoscopic examinations. 

This integrated modular solution provides the hospital staff with the ability to manage the Endoscopy department through planning, examination, and reprocessing support. 

This permits hospital staff to schedule the duration of the endoscopic examinations in details, the endoscopes that are needed for the examinations along with the type of anaesthesia, pharmacies, sterilised sets etc.

A&E - ERLine


The ERLine module is tailored specifically to meet the many complex facets of managing the planning and operation of your A&E Department. The module gives hospital staff the tools to register patients, fully plan the A&E rooms, run triage processes, and delegate the assignment of tasks, and treatments. 

This module can be directly integrated to ORLine Planning & ORLine Workflow in order for surgeries to be planned instantly from the A&E.  

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