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Quality Management Software

Our Quality Management Software enables departments within hospitals to communicate effectively, improve patient flow, and reduce costs.  


Operating Theatre

Our ORLine module is specifically designed for Operating Theatres to enable the efficient flow of surgical procedures while minimising patient safety incidents. 


Sterile Service 

Our SteriLine module supports the workflow in the Sterile Services Department (SSD) by offering clear and repeatable procedures. The module enables the SSD to view the transaction history, keep track of all movements, enable better forecasting and reduce wastage. 



The EndoLine module considers all factors related to endoscopic examinations. This integrated modular solution provides the hospital staff with the ability to manage the Endoscopy department through planning, examination, and reprocessing support. 



The ERLine module is tailored specifically to meet the many complex facets of managing the planning and operation of your A&E Department. 



Quality Management Software

Quality Management Software Solutions

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